Heartstrings Verse is now posted in its entirety on AO3!! 

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Anonymous asked: I love you! Your writing is the most beatiful thing in the whole world *uuuuuuuuuuuu*

i love you!! and idk about the most beautiful when chris colfer exists, but thank you thank you thank you so much!!! ♥♥

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Anonymous asked: That AU-mermaid fic literally made me cry. It brought the purest tears into my eyes. You are so talented, never stop writing. I wish more people wrote like you, where you can feel your soul in it. Thank you so much for that beautiful piece of writing, probably one of my most favorite fics I have ever read.

it took me a long, long time to process this message. i read it in the morning and my eyes got watery and i felt a bit light headed. i wish more people were as nice as you, oh man the world would be such a brighter place ♥ i’m so touched and honoured that it moved you in that way. as a writer, well, making somebody cry is quite an achievement whoops. thank you for reading, you have no idea how much this means

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The Air That I Breathe - Kurt/Blaine NC-17

Summary: The ocean is wide and deep, dark and lonely, and Kurt visits the surface as often as he can. He thinks nothing could be brighter than the sun, until he meets Blaine. 13k

Warnings: potential spoiler: sex doesn’t take place when Kurt is a mermaid

A/N: Because there aren’t enough mermaid au’s out there. Thanks to laura and tiff for all the help and love!

There is nothing even remotely similar to the sun where Kurt comes from.

Large and gold, illuminating the entire sky so that it comes clear. In his younger days, an ache would form behind his eyes if he stared too long. And he can never stay out for too many hours or else his skin will darken and sting.

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Summary: Blaine adds a new member to the family without telling Kurt.

A/N: For the sweet and wonderful yesim who deserves all the pugs in the world!!

Blaine knows what it’s like to be the smallest, to not be wanted, to be picked last. So when he walks past a pet store on the way home from Sam’s and sees him in the window, he can’t bring himself to say no.

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Summary: Bleary-eyed kisses in the morning always seem to turn into so much more.

Warnings: rimming, fingering

He doesn’t want to wake up, but he can’t help notice that the bed is suddenly empty.

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Summary: Their first sleepover as boyfriends. It has to be different, right?

A/N: Continuing the drabble challenge and ems wanted their first sleepover.

It’s different. They’re boyfriends now. It just has to be different.

They’ve had sleepovers before (before they were together, a couple, boyfriends).

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Summary: Blaine is far too invested in his Pokémon game. And Kurt simply won’t have that. (with kitty!kurt)

A/N: I know I said I was taking a writing break, but now I’m challenging myself to crank out as many drabbles as I can before my weekend ends. 

“What is that?”

It’s the fifth time he’s asked him. Blaine’s been sitting on the couch for the past few hours with some device held closely to his face, and Kurt didn’t care for it until, of course, Blaine declined his invitation to nap together.

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oh my gosh i totally forgot to say this but thank you for all your sweet messages!! i’d answer them all but i don’t want things to get too cluttered. just know that i’m so thankful and happy and you’re all the greatest ♥

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Summary: Blaine wakes up before Kurt. In more ways than one.

A/N: because ems wanted early!klaine getting off together *u*

Perhaps it was a bit lame to tell Mercedes and Tina that they couldn’t go to the mall after school because they were going to nap.

It’s just that after a long week of classes and dancing and singing, all he really wants to do is curl up beside Kurt and wake up beside Kurt.

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