Anonymous asked: Ok, the heartstrings verse. You are not done right? It doesn't end like that right?

It definitely does not end like that! I had so so so much planned for it, but unfortunately I fell into a place that is proving difficult to get out of. It changed things, and because of that writing (specifically klaine) isn’t something I’m able to do right now. That being said I realize I left it in a really bad place, so whether I get better or not I’m going to make sure that verse gets finished, I promise!! ♥

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I’m not entirely sure how to say this and have it make sense, so I’ll just type whatever and hope people get it.

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If I put together a playlist for the heartstrings verse would anyone be interested? Quite a few songs that have been heavy inspiration.

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Anonymous asked: NOOOOO!!!! WHYYYY!!! we were so close to them getting their shit together whyyy (also WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU QUINN) (love your writing btw but that update kiiilled me)

i’m sorry for your pain but also i’m not sorry at all *cackles*

if there’s anyone out there who’s unhappy, just know everything happens for a reason. and i wouldn’t be doing my job right if i didn’t have an explanation for those reasons. please stick with me!!

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Heartstrings Verse - Summary: And he loves him. | AO3

A/N: It’s always an amazing/stressful feeling when you finally write out the ideas you’ve had for months. Sorry it took so long!

“I know it looks huge Kurt, but in reality, it’s puny,” Blaine says, face scrunching up as he stares at the sky overhead.

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Anonymous asked: So does that mean the HS verse is over?? Or is it just postponed after the next AU (so excited for it omg)

oh no it’s not over!! still got quite a few loose ends to tie up. after this next part i will most likely postpone the rest so i can really give this other au the attention it deserves. and thank you i’m excited to share it with you!! 

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Anonymous asked: Any new stuff soon? I still check everyday for new fics (:

hi!! oh my god thank you for checking!! and currently i’m editing the next part to the heartstrings verse, and then i’ll be finishing a longer au ((that will remain a surprise muahaha)) but stuff is coming soon i promise!

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Heartstrings Verse is now posted in its entirety on AO3!! 

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Anonymous asked: I love you! Your writing is the most beatiful thing in the whole world *uuuuuuuuuuuu*

i love you!! and idk about the most beautiful when chris colfer exists, but thank you thank you thank you so much!!! ♥♥

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Anonymous asked: That AU-mermaid fic literally made me cry. It brought the purest tears into my eyes. You are so talented, never stop writing. I wish more people wrote like you, where you can feel your soul in it. Thank you so much for that beautiful piece of writing, probably one of my most favorite fics I have ever read.

it took me a long, long time to process this message. i read it in the morning and my eyes got watery and i felt a bit light headed. i wish more people were as nice as you, oh man the world would be such a brighter place ♥ i’m so touched and honoured that it moved you in that way. as a writer, well, making somebody cry is quite an achievement whoops. thank you for reading, you have no idea how much this means

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