Heartstrings Verse - Summary: Kurt is just about to let himself want Blaine, but then the school finds out. And when Kurt falls, one person catches him.

Warnings: mentions of bullying/harassment

A/N: Screw summaries. There’s a lot more to this. Thanks for all the support and a special thank you to elsa

The thing about their studying session is that it ended in an orgasm. So Kurt figures he can’t really be blamed if he fails the exam.

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Summary: Kurt doesn’t like Blaine. Kurt tries to like Blaine. Kurt needs Blaine.

Warnings: kitty!kurt, puppy!blaine, in heat sex, rimming, fingering, knotting, inexperience/innocence from both sides

A/N: I have a bunch of prompts to work on, a mafia au to plan, and part of the hs verse to edit, but then I got a kitten. His favourite place to sleep is on my keyboard..

The sun is shining down on him in golden beams, warm and soft and perfect. Kurt stretches out, nuzzling his face into the pillow propped up against the wall, and curls his body towards the sun.

He stays that way until the sound of tires squealing and turning fill the air, and then he’s sitting bolt upright, ears perked atop his head, tail swishing impatiently behind him. His owners have been gone all day and Kurt - Kurt won’t ever admit it but he was beginning to get lonely.

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Anonymous asked: Yaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss. Do it. Write the thing.

good news: it is written!! now i’m editing and trying to figure out what to cut and when would be an appropriate time to post it

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Anonymous asked: I love your heartstrings verse <3 anxiously waiting for the next part

hello and thank you! i have the next part written and it comes up to 8k and it’s a bit on the heavy side, so i’m still thinking about it. soon though i promise!! ♥

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based on the super cute heartstrings verse which i am so so in love with 

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Anonymous asked: just thought I'd let you know that some of your tags aren't working. bp!kurt for example

they aren’t working because i haven’t written anything for it yet :(( one day soon all the tags will be filled but for now i am sorry!!

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Anonymous asked: oh gods if you really do write mob boss!blaine i can imagine Kurt being stubborn and refusing to let blaine have what he wants but what blaine wants the most is Kurt's ass

stubborn kurt will most definitely be prominent in this if it  is in fact written and believe me blaine will stop at nothing to get that booty ((and also when does blaine not want kurt’s ass the most))

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AHH THANK YOU!! super duper glad you liked it. we’re slooowly getting into the plot of that verse

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Anonymous asked: Mafia!aus though sweet jesus dicks in my mouth, mafia!aus are perfect. Intense family loyalty and violence and snappily dressed boys in suits and power imbalances like whoa. Blaine as the heir to the Anderson mafia (Cooper is the face, but all of New York knows that Blaine is the brains), Kurt as the fresh-faced boy from Lima, Ohio, who doesn't understand that there's nothing Blaine won't do to get what he wants, and "no" really isn't an option (and at least his metaphorical cage is gilded).

i definitely need to learn more about mafias but jesusu christ this sounds perfect the story is practically forming in my mind. could they have rivals could it be sebastian (you should come off anon so we can talk more in depth about this *u*)

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Anonymous asked: I misread that last ask as mob!boss Blaine and now I'm desperate for you to write mafia!Klaine with Blaine as the well-dressed, vicious head of the New York mafia and Kurt as the pretty young thing he keeps to himself.

oh dear god *____* that could be a whole multi-chaptered fic ((which i’d be absolutely down to write so you should prompt more things))

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